Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Sydney 2000 Olympics

Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the XXVII Olympiad – Sydney 2000

Wireless Audio System Design and Spectrum Coordination

On secondment to Norwest Productions, Peter was responsible for the deployment, operation and interference/intermod free frequency coordination of the microphone and in ear monitor systems used at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. In addition to the equipment directly under his control he also coordinated frequencies with the Olympic host broadcaster.

This year we have just marked the twentieth anniversary of the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony. Looking back, from 20 years later, this was still an incredible achievement by so many. At the time it was the biggest event ever attempted. Many of the team were new to Ceremonies. We were on the cusp of many developing technologies that are now mainstream. Conceived, designed, and executed by Australian crew. From Julius Grafton’s report:

“Genius was thick on the ground at Stadium Australia. Even the thing that momentarily stalled, the cauldron, astounded.
We needed heroes, and now we have them. This should be a time when the Australian trait of cutting down the tall poppy is buried.
When talk turned to the Olympics at ENTECH back in March, we heard a few dark pathetic and miserable souls commenting snidely that these companies couldn’t possibly do a show like this.
These people live in a different Australia.
The most interesting thing of all is that it’s very unlikely anyone will ever stage a show so large again.”