Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure 2010
Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure 2010

Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure 2010

RF Spectrum Manager

RF spectrum management for all wireless microphones, in ear monitors and communications systems for the live event, ENG and FP crews. Peter along with Chris Twartz were responsible for the equipment deployment, antenna systems, spectrum monitoring, and side of stage operation, working for JPJ Audio who supplied the audio system to Harpo Inc.

Equipment coordinated included Shure, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser and Telex UHF systems, plus Motorola, and Clear-Com Freespeak 1.9MHz Communications Systems. In total just short of 200 frequencies under management.

The four shows were taped on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House, which is a hostile RF environment, offering no protection from fixed TV and other services, and high power passing ship born sources.