Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games

Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Commonwealth Games – Melbourne 2006

Wireless Audio Systems Manager

During the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Peter fulfilled two roles: In addition to Wireless Audio Systems Manager for the Ceremonies, he was also been engaged by The ACMA to produce compatible spectrum plots for each of the games venues.

For Ceremonies he was responsible for RF spectrum coordination for all live performance and broadcast microphones, and in ear monitoring transmitters; RF system design; antenna placement and deployment. Contracted to Norwest Productions and working in conjunction with the ceremonies producers, The ACMA, the government regulator; RF spectrum monitoring and policing, was provided by roving ACMA spectrum monitoring teams. This event was the first deployment of the RF combining/amplifier systems that were developed for Norwest and designed with technical smarts by Steve Caldwell. These systems and their successors are one of the mainstays of Norwest’s ongoing dominance of large scale events requiring wide area, multichannel wireless audio.

For The ACMA Peter produced compatible spectrum plots for each of the games venues working from site scans provided by The ACMA, and registration of frequency requirements by the Broadcasters, the Venue, and operational requirements for the Games.