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FreqCoord – Event Spectrum Management System

FreqCoord is a online portal that facilitates spectrum management and specifically frequency coordination for special events. PRM as partnered with SRF – Swiss Radio and Television, the authors of the software who have added the corresponding DTV channel structure and the table of available frequencies in Australia.

The FreqCoord site can be found here: FreqCoord – the online frequency coordination tool

Here you will see a list of forthcoming events that are being spectrum managed within FreqCoord. If you need wireless frequencies at one of the events, please proceed to log in and enter a request or if your first time, please create an personal account so you can enter a frequency request.

The use of FreqCoord is not restricted to events that PRM are involved with. If you are a frequency coordinator for a special event you can purchase a license to manage that event.

Setting up a user account is easy

Log on to the portal at, from the home page select the “Create Account” option.

Or for a full “getting started” guide look here: FreqCoord Getting Started 

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