FreqCoord Tips and Tricks – Copying a Device
Copying a Device
When submitting a request, users often have multiple mics and IEMs to enter which can be time consuming. Copying a device makes this much quicker. But even before starting to copy, we suggest you name your first device something like “Mic 01” or “IEM 01”.

Then go into the request you have created in FreqCoord and select the “Copy Device” Button on the right.

You will then be taken to a menu to select the number of copies you want to make. Select the number then press copy.


The next page will ask you to save your copies. You can save them one at a time which allows you the opportunity to edit each device, or just select “Save All”.

“Save All” will automatically number your devices whichis why we suggest starting at 01 for your first device


After saving your copied devices, you will be taken to a confirmation page to review.

When you have reviewed your request, press “Submit”
Once you have submitted, you will receive the following message from FreqCoord
Further information can be found at or by contacting