FreqCoord Tips and Tricks – Copying a Request

Copying a Request

Touring events often use the same equipment on the shows but they need to change frequencies between locations on the tour.

A simple, time saving solution here is to copy a request between events.

You can copy your existing request in FreqCoord, in this instance our tour that was going from Brisbane to Sydney. To copy the request:-

  • Click on My Requests in the left, or if on a phone, the icon that looks like a clipboard
  • Click the twistie next to “2024 Laneway Brisbane”
  • You should then see your request for Brisbane.
  • Then over on right you will see the copy button


Now select the event you are copying to. Hint: start typing some key words from the event name and FreqCoord will filter out all the other events.
Select the destination event from the list.


There is no need to change the request title or location however you probably should check the time slots are correct.

You can select continue, unless you need to change the details of the “Contact Person Onsite”

Click the “Save All” button assuming there is no change, then select submit.

This can be completed for all events in the tour.

Further information can be found at or by contacting