FreqCoord Getting Started Guide

FreqCoord – Event Spectrum Management System – Getting Started

FreqCoord is a online portal that facilitates spectrum management and specifically frequency coordination for special events. PRM as partnered with SRF – Swiss Radio and Television, the authors of the software who have added the corresponding DTV channel structure and the table of available frequencies in Australia.

The FreqCoord site can be found here: FreqCoord – the online frequency coordination tool


Setting up a user account is easy

Log on to the portal at, from the home page select the “Create Account” option.

Create Account

Fill in the details required in the page as outlined in the image. We suggest that larger organisations consider using a generic email address, particularly in those situations such as head of News Camera Crews or COS. For example, rather than the username and email being use a group email such as and share the password with group members.

Account Verification

Once the account is created, an email will be sent to the email address used for registration asking for verification.

Click on the verification link. You will then be able to login and access the homepage.

Making a Request

From the list of upcoming events on the homepage, double click on the event you are wishing to register your equipment on.

You will be directed to the new request form.

Enter your request title and select the location of use from the drop-down box. The locations are specific to each event and are determined by the frequency manager.

Nominate the period of use of the equipment on the event day and then select “Continue”.

Enter the contact details of the person who will actually be onsite on event day. If it is you then select the “It’s me” button. Your details will be auto populated from your account. Then press “Continue”.

Now you will be required to enter a mode to continue working with FreqCoord. If you are only entering a request for wireless microphones or IFB devices, choose simple mode and then “Continue”. If you have two way radios, camera links etc, please use standard mode and then “Continue”.

From the device menu select the brand, model or type and the frequency range and press “Continue”.

You can now continue adding more devices if required by clicking “Add Device” and repeating the previous step until all your devices are added. Then press “Submit”.

Your request has now been submitted. You will receive an email confirming this request. The email will also contain a link to the original request which can be changed until the final submission date of the event.

Alternatively you can view the status of your requests by logging on to FreqCoord and selecting “My Requests” from the menu on the left.

A green dot under status indicates approved, a yellow dot, in process and a red dot means rejected. At all times the event frequency manager will contact you to update the status.

Further information can be found at or by contacting