Laneway Festival 2023 – 2024

RF Spectrum Manager

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is one of the largest touring festivals in Australia. The festival had completed the Brisbane and Sydney legs when PRM was called to undertake RF Spectrum Management as they had experienced some issues along the way.
Within a couple of days Peter had collated most of the information required for the beginning of the next leg in Adelaide. From there he travelled with the tour to Melbourne and Perth.
The festival consisted of over 25 acts across four stages. Most of these acts had at least 10 unique channels of RF, more than five had 25 channels.
All the big acts turned out to be using Shure Axient Digital and PSM1000, they were all running WWB. But even so, I chose FreqCoord. Peter didn’t to be connected to their hardware. They just needed frequencies they could trust. Time of day for each act would be critical. FreqCoord does time slots as well as geozones, and Peter needed to keep track of what he’d said to whom. Opting for FreqCoord meant users could directly enter their hardware requirements, and as soon as a solution was published, they got an email and could see their frequencies on a laptop or phone browser.